This is what happen when all of the world’s best components come together in a harmonic masterpiece. Built from the ground up for speed – this is the ultimate racing bike.

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HTD – High Technology Design

The combination of new technology in the field of carbon fibre, together with enhancements in the geometric shape of tubes and frame, has helped evolve the world of carbon road bikes.

CTT – Carbon T700/T800

Why do we use the Toray Carbon T700/T800?
We want a rigid frame, but one with some degree of flexibility. By mixing carbon fibre T700 and T800, we succeeded in developing a carbon racing bike that transfers energy from the cyclist to the wheels with good impact resistance. The monocoque carbon design has the advantage of being lightweight, strong, and resistant to fatigue.

TES – Tube Evolution System

Think outside the box by changing the shapes of traditional round and oval tubes for triangular geometries and irregular polygons! The tension created by the effort of the cyclist is distributed more uniformly across the frame. So, we achieve a more impact resistant bike, increased comfort, and superior handling.
HAD – High Aerodynamic Design
Our expertise, combined with the endless possibilities for creating complex shapes with carbon fibres, characterize this road bike. Remarkable aerodynamic efficiency, drag reduction, and quicker acceleration optimize the performance of this carbon racing bike.

GFD – Geometric Frame System

The overall geometry of the road bike offers a lower centre of gravity that permits the transmission of energy from the cyclist to the rear wheel. This creates less tension during sprints and uphill riding, while retaining faultless handling. This road bike to tailored to your performance and your efforts.


Available in 4 sizes for cyclists
from 5’3″ to 6’4″/ 1.61m to 1.95m


C1 Shimano 105 7000
From 3099.00$

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